Wednesday night when Maryland State Police pulled them over for speeding and said they found 75 pounds of marijuana stashed in their car. The dogs sniffed out the bags filled with the drug, which were inside two duffel bags in the Brake Pad trunk. Man, that dude was baked

A British man was trying to grow marijuana in house, but baked himself to death instead, police said.15, nearly twice the level at which a driver is deemed drunk in Vermont. "Your drinking is one issue," a judge said before ordering Gardner held without bail.

Two Virginia men were arrested in Pocomoke, Md., claimed they were retaliating against the tree dwellers who were biting through the brake lines of their vehicles, the Lincoln Star Journal reported. The powerful lamps sent the temperature soaring well above 100 degrees, and the overwhelming heat killed the man.


The trooper could smell the stink, police said, and called in a drug dog team for backup. "The fact that you drink and get behind the wheel of a car makes it much worse. When he was done laboring, he went to bed and never woke up. Police said they almost fainted when they entered the house. The two middle-aged men said they were attacking the squirrels in an effort to get them to stop chewing on the brakes.