Spokeswoman Lisa Farbstein said officials investigated the second incident on Thursday. The first occurred after Saturday’s rally on the National Mall when a L’Enfant Plaza station escalator went into free fall; the second came on Wednesday night at Gallery Place-Chinatown, where witnesses said a station escalator suddenly sped up on passengers who were leaving the Washington Capitals game.

The accidents are two blows to an agency already plagued by worsening escalator performance. “And Metro still hasn’t released a statement about it.

Both brake failures happened when the escalators were packed.

Metro safety officials presented a preliminary report on the weekend incident Thursday morning. One of the four sent to the hospital suffered a “severe laceration and possibly internal injury,” Maniuszko said.”

Zimmerman, who has served on Metro’s board since 1998, said malfunctions of this severity — where the units speed up — are rare.

“When I give people that 90 percent number, they never believe me,” board member Jeff McKay said at an October meeting.

lfarmer@washingtonexaminer. Farbstein said the agency is investigating the escalator and the adjacent ones for the “root cause” of the failure but is not conducting a sweeping inspection of all 588 escalators in the system. I want to know what went wrong and what’s going to be done to fix it.

“My confidence is shaken,” said Robfogel, a university administrator in the District.

The L’Enfant escalator was last inspected in September and investigators are reviewing those records, according to Maniuszko.Samuel Robfogel, a witness to the Saturday accident, said he wants more accountability from Metro. I just want to know that these things are being addressed and being taken seriously.

“When the escalator shut down due to the volume, the brakes engaged but failed due to the passenger load,” Metro Deputy Chief of Rail Safety Robert Maniuszko told the committee.