Just because he was off duty and in his personal car didn't really make him off duty. And for all of the negatives that I see, I know there's gotta be a ton more good, but we never see it. I love that he stepped up to the plate, and went out there and did what he had to do. Montes noticed, holstered his gun, drew his Taser and shot the perpetrator, in midswing. Officer Brian Montes approached, gun drawn, but the man refused to yield. They make bad mistakes, but that doesn't mean they're bad people. But just to look at someone is not enough -- there are some people who look like they'd never do any type of crime,But when they notice me and then act different, Braking Pad that's a sign. My faith helps me believe that we are all equal, and should treat everyone with the utmost respect.

We deal with so many types of calls, but we never get called to a good situation. But I've gotta keep faith that's there. The 25-year-old was one of a dozen officers honored for uncommon valor at the 36th Annual Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce Public Safety Awards. I don't remember much else but my dad dropping everything to help the officer. And everybody acts differently -- you'd be surprised. I went to King's College -- a Catholic college in Pennsylvania -- and I converted there. When we were driving home, we passed by an open lot outside of Trenton, and saw a police officer in a fight with a guy. My dad slammed on the brakes, jumped out, locked the doors, and ran over to help this officer -- it was a big guy he was fighting. And that's where my faith in God comes into play. I just like to go to different sections of Rockville and people-watch, and talk to people. I pray on the road to work, and every day when I get home. Behind the victim, two young boys watched, entranced. I was raised Protestant, but my grandfather is a Catholic, and a wonderful, strong man. I pray every day. And vice versa -- you just can't profile on how they look, or what neighborhood they're in. "If those kids had seen someone shot, that would've destroyed their lives. We get called when people are at their lowest, and it gets hard to remember that there are good people out there.

What do you know about criminals and troublemakers from dealing with them every day that the rest of us don't know?